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Kites. They've been around for thousands of years. The art of kite flying has become not only a hobby, but a challenging sport as well. A wide variety of kite kits and kite accessories are available at department, hobby, and toy stores. You can even design and build your own kites.

When I was a child, I used to love to fly kites. I made my own diamond kites with sticks of wood, string and newspaper. I would notch the ends of the sticks and run string around the kite, then cut a piece of newspaper to fit and glue the ends. For a tail, I would take several old rags and tie them together. My string was rolled up on a short piece of a tree limb.

Most of the kites I have now are single-line kites for my grandchildren to fly and enjoy watching. But, for the serious side of me, I've purchased several dual-line sport kites for some added fun. My future plans are to become involved with the AKA and hopefully attend a few kite festivals in my area and the West Coast.

Kitefest Pictures

Arlington Kitefest - Arlington, Texas - April 5, 2014
Edmond Kitefest - Edmond, Oklahoma - June 28, 2014
Bonham Kitefest - Bonham, Texas - July 12, 2014

Pictured below are the sport kites that I currently own and fly...Prism Quantum (top left), Skyburner NikNak (top right), Prism 4D (middle left), Diving Lady by Crystal Kite Company (middle right), Prism 3D (Bottom left) and the Firebird (bottom right). Also, below are numerous links I have found to be helpful along with various videos including a video illustrating the multi-kite flying talent of Ray Bethell. Ray's an award-winning multi-kite champion. His video "Romancing The Wind" inspired me to start flying sport kites. I hope someday to possibly compete flying two sport kites.




Kite Search/Association/Historical/Misc Links

American Kitefliers Association (AKA) - World's biggest kite organization
Kite Event Calendar - American KiteFliers Association Calendar
KiteLife Magazine - Publication devoted to the sport of kite flying
National Kite Month - History of the kite and annual celebration
World Kite Museum - Also Washington State Kite Festivals

Kite Organization/Forum/Informative Links

DAKO - Dallas Area Kitefliers Organization
GWTW Forum - Gone With The Wind Kite Forum
Ian Newham's Sport Kite/Kite Design Website - Everything you'd ever want to know about Sport Kites
John Chilese Website - Ace Kite Photographer
Ray Bethell Website - Multiple Kite World Champion
TKO Professional Sport Kite Team - Texas Kansas Oklahoma Professional Sport Kite Team - Facebook page
TKO Professional Sport Kite Team - Texas Kansas Oklahoma Professional Sport Kite Team - Website
AKA Region 8 Kite Events Calendar 2014 - For Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas

Kite Online Retailer Links

Above It All Kites - Kite retailer - Long Beach, Washington
Big Mike's Kites - Kite retailer - Dallas, Texas
Chicago Kite - Kite retailer - Chicago, Illinois
Fun With Wind - Kite Retailer - North Reading, Massachusetts
Gomberg Kite Productions - Show Kites, Inflatables, Tails, Line Laundry, and Banners - Neotsu, Oregon
Goodwinds - Kite accessories, rods and parts retailer - Mt. Vernon, Washington
Into The Wind - Kite retailer - Boulder, Colorado - Kite Retailer - Edmond, Oklahoma
Kites and Fun Things - Kite retailer - Plymouth, Michigan
Kite Loft - Kite Retailer - Ocean City, Maryland
Kite Stop - Kite Retailer - Titusville, Florida
Kitty Hawk Kites - Kite Retailer - Nags Head, North Carolina
Wind Dance Kites - Kite retailer - Charleston, South Carolina
World Wind Kites - Kite retailer - Austin, Texas

Kite Manufacturer Links

AirDynamics - Custom Kite manufacturer and retailer - Hereford, United Kingdom
Benson Kites - Kite manufacturer - Bradford, United Kingdom
HQ Kites and Designs USA - Kite manufacturer - Powells Point, North Carolina
New Tech Kites - Kite manufacturer - Austin, Texas
Premier Kites - Kite manufacturer - Hyattsville, Maryland
Prism Kites - Kite manufacturer - Seattle, Washington
SkyDog Kites - Kite manufacturer - Colchester, Connecticut
Sky Burner Kites and Sky Shark Competition Air Frames - Kite manufacturer - Plymouth, Michigan

Video of me flying my Skyburner NikNak. Getting better at piloting my kites.
June, 2014

Video of me trying to fly my Prism Quantum dual-line in wind that's either gusty or non-existent.
It's only my second time to fly this particular kite. Enjoyed every minute.
Hope to get better at it.
March, 2014

An excellent video entitled, "Romancing The Wind" by Ray Bethell.
Ray choreographs his kite flying skills with ballet.